Review and Giveaway: Mountain House Just in Case Breakfast Assortment Bucket

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Mountain House - Just in Case... Photo by Megan Kopp.

Reviewed by: Megan Kopp

Made with real meat!” Okay, that label is not necessarily going to sell me. Not a vegetarian, but a veggie/grain lover, I wasn’t sure what to make of the bucket of freeze-dried Mountain House breakfasts sitting on my desk.

Just add water!” Sounds good. Make a cup o’ joe and a meal with the same pot of water.

Ideal for emergency preparedness, camping or backpacking.” Now you’re talking!

The Mountain House “Just in Case…” Breakfast Assortment bucket comes with four packets each of scrambled eggs and ham, scrambled eggs with bacon, breakfast skillet and granola with milk and blueberries. The scrambled eggs and ham is stuffed with red and green peppers. The breakfast skillet is chock-full of scrambled eggs, hash browns, pork sausage, peppers and onions. Blueberries almost outnumber the clumps of granola.

Without an immediate…

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1974 Sports Milestones in my life.

The 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron’s record breaking home of 715 to surpass Babe Ruth took place on April 8 1974. Thinking back on all of the milestones in sports history since my birth, I consider this to be my number one.

As a middle schooler, working at my father’s business customers spoke daily about the significance of the record being broken. Many were afraid for Hank Aaron safety. Hank Aaron an African American received death threats repeatedly before and after breaking the record held by legendary Babe Ruth.

Since it was less than thirty years prior when a African American Baseball player names Jackie Robinson player took to the field on April 15, 1947, as the first player of color ever in the sport. In honor of this moment in time baseball all players of baseball games on April 15, wear the number 42 in honor of this true American Baseball hero.

In the same year my beloved St. Louis Baseball Cardinal, outfielder Lou Brock stole 118 bases by September 29, 1974, breaking the previous record of 104 set in 1962. The year was one of many memories as people spoke of how baseball was impacted by the introduction of African Americans players.

I heard in the concern in the voices of African American customers for Hank Aaron’s and Lou Brock’s personal safety and the lack of media attention paid to not only the players but the records they broke.

Whenever I view video footage of theses incredible sports records forty years later of baseballs greatest players of their time it really warms my heart.

What angers me at times is the lack of national media coverage during the time the two baseball greats broke their records. Yes of course there was no ESPN at that time in history, however later in that year Lou Brock was named sportsman of the year.

That same year the Cleveland Indians name Frank Robinson their manager, becoming baseball’s first African American Baseball manager and Muhammad Ali defeated George Forman in the 8th round knocking him out. Muhammad Ali was later named sportsman of the year by Sports illustrated and Lou Brock was named baseball sportsman of the year, by Sporting News.

All in all this was an incredible year in sports for African Americans in the field of sports

Athletes & Money

It is becoming normal in this day and age to hear of a professional sports athlete earning in excess of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars in a short period of time.

I often hear sports fans voicing their opinions stating team owners of professional sports teams are paying individual athletes too much money for a sport that is played as a game .

Every time I hear such statements I do correct them with a comment that the athlete will live with with more pain and suffering for injuries they will never be able to understand.

I often wonder do fans considered what earnings do the league and team owners make and consider if the monies they make is too much for a business owner. No one says that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Rupert Murdock have too much money as an individual. These individuals are criticized for just basically being affluent

But the individual athlete who commits the better part of their entire life in the pursuit of a championship, with the never ending desire to achieve a perfection that most people can only dream of in their spare time. Why would anyone speak out against or condemned athletes for their determination and the love for their chosen career.

I did not commit to any research to determine the amounts any professional sports leagues or team earns but it is easily understood that if you are willing to pay one player such as the recent contract signed by Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera for 292 million for 10-years it is easily assumed they have some monies to not only pay Mr. Cabrera but the other players, staff, and maintain a stadium.

I think if the average fan participated in some form of cardio activity for more than two hours a day, five days a week, for a year, The health of the fan would increase but most importantly their would be a shared respect for athletes and the dedications they put towards their chosen profession.

Technology, Retirement & New discoveries

Since retirement, I have come to realize my of love of reading books. It has come as a surprise, but most of the influenced and excited desires to read has been my iPad.

I have been drawn from a moment of reading with the strongest desire to seek more information via the internet using my iPad. I have become a junkie to reading books, seeking online information about early American history beginning with Americas’s first colony in Virginia on through to World War ll.

Slavery and the Civil War, has become my main focus and online of researching for the past couple of weeks of the personal lives of slaves who gained their freedom and went on to write of their horrible existence while in bondage.

Most notably Solomon Northrup and Boston King two former slaves who were able to escape bondage and go on to write about their time in bondage and their fight to end slavery along side abolitionist of their time.

The following books I would recommend to discover more on this subject are “Someone Knows My Name” by Lawrence hill, “The Hemingses of Monticello” by Annette Gordon-Reed, “12 Years a Slave” by Solomon Northup, and “Slaves in the Family” by Edward Ball. These book provide a historical understanding of the horrors of slavery during the early years of American History.

Give reading a try and expand your knowledge and intellect with something that delights your fancy!

Media Excitement

The best news for news services is the drama that can be caused when it reports information that instigates and involves their readers to weigh in on issues to voice their opinions using their personal sites along with Facebook, & Twitter hence keeping the excitement going and the readers reading their sites.

This makes for great banter and since every American has an opinion using their freedom of speech to voice their moment in the media, such as I.

I hope we look upon these situations as the “Duck Dynasty” media firestorm as a reminder to a time when elementary school children makes a negative comments and the adults suggest and recommend each person’s right to free of speech and to respect one another’s opinions.

Especially during this time of the year when we should be honoring each other good will and peace.

My first blog post

Writting about my new lifestyle as a retiree is inspiring and refreshing, however I also experience a sense of bewilderment at times as I settle into this new lifestyle. I have experience feelings that are simply unbelievable that I think I’m dreaminig.
I have come to accept the feelings and that at least when I awake, I know what to do in my retirement years. LOl!!!

‘Whitey’ Bulger trial juror: Sickened by ‘tainted’ testimony

The Justice system has worked, now he can appeal his verdict and begin serving his time. I hope the media shines a spotlight on the victims.

This Just In

A juror in the James “Whitey” Bulger trial said Tuesday that testimony revealing deep-seated corruption in the FBI and government during the mobster’s heyday left her disgusted with the judicial system.

Janet Uhlar, speaking to CNN’s Deborah Feyerick in her first interview since the federal jury on Monday convicted Bulger on 31 of 32 counts, called him an “old man” and said he may not have been a government informant.

The jury found Bulger guilty of counts including extortion, money laundering, drug dealing and weapons possession. It held Bulger responsible for the murders of 11 people.

Bulger, 83, faces a maximum sentence of up to life plus 30 years in prison.

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